Redemption Choppers

Being oneself is, at once, the simplest indulgence and the highest luxury: an expression of freedom. It’s exactly this spirit that makes biker culture so enduringly appealing, true and lasting: the urge not to conform and to follow one’s own drum, free from borders and conventions. Choppers are a peculiar declination of this very same spirit: they add the cult and celebration of artisanal invention and manual dexterity to the whole. Is there anything more liberating and exhilaration than building your own bike?

If borders can be crossed, then, and being oneself is the point, such a vision can seamlessly move from one field to another. It can morph into an idea of a wardrobe, for instance, maintaining the same emphasis on artisanality and freedom. It’s the spirit that counts being one of a kind, going against the grain. So much so, in fact, that the freedom of riding a self-constructed bike, at its best, does not traslate into a selfish cult of the individual, but into the will to help others, by any means possible, liberating them as well.

This is Redemption Choppers. Custom-made bikes, a luxuriously unconventional wardrobe and profits going to charity. No borders or conventions needed.

Redemption Choppers

The seeds of what is now Redemption Choppers were planted early on, when founding members Gabriele “Bebe” Moratti and Daniele Sirtori, by then mere teenagers, met Vanni Laghi, a few years their senior, in the San Patrignano rehabilitation center, working as volunteers. The trio immediately bonded: Laghi, who nurtured the project of building his own bike, introduced Moratti and Sirtori to biker culture and in particular to custom-made motorbikes, and with that to rock music. The whole idea of a lifestyle made of freedom, manual invention and individuality made a lasting impression on the two.

Fastforward to 2010. Now adults with remarkable working experiences in the financial field and a deep rooted passion for art and design, Sirtori and Moratti decided, out of sheer passion, to create a company with Laghi, who in the meanwhile had mastered the art of the custom motorbike to unparalleled finesse, producing items that had the value and craft of authentic art pieces. Charity and volunteering being high on their minds, they decided to christen it Redemption Choppers, making a statement to devolve 50% of profits as donations.

At first it was bikes, produced at couture level in severely limited editions and sold through charity auctions. Right after, expanding the field of action to add clothing was a swift move. The focus, in fact, is just the same: artisanal perfection as a way to express a liberating quest for beauty.

The Redemption Choppers womenswear line has been launched in march 2013 with the f/w 13/14 season. The focus is on clothes that define a certain kind of woman: a self-confident individual who favors off-the-beaten-track adventures; a risk-taker whose familiarity with style matters is only matched by the desire to elegantly break rules. Redemption Choppers owns a romantic take on the idea of biker chic. The codes of well-behaved, well-read elegance merge seamlessly with the roughness of the biker lifestyle, keeping a high and classy frame. The photo sessions developed by Bebe Moratti starring Isabeli Fontana tell it all.

The quality of everything that bears the Redemption Choppers label speaks the language of Italian excellence, a custom bike or a leather perfecto making no real difference. Redemption Choppers works with a network of hi-end Italian producers. Each one has been chosen for the being the best in the respective field, be it ready to wear, leather or shoes, in order to give clients impeccable and unsurpassed products.

The Italian ethos of good things made well is the defining trait of an enterprise based on a seamless merging of motorbikes, fashion and charity.



Nothing like a custom bike can express someone’s desire of freedom and liberation from conformism. A true act of craftmanship driven by a deep passion, an intense love for unique objects ruled by an authentic spirit of freedom. What started decades ago as a spontaneous gathering of
outcasts slightly changed into a worldwide expression of freedom, not only for the bike culture.

Suddently choppers became the representation of the social refuse for orthodoxy celebrating diversity, both aesthetic and cultural.
Custom bikes are emotional tools that melt engineering with the highest craftmanship’s skills, performance features with artistic and creative pushes. With this idea in mind our workshop in Rimini hand-build one of a kind rides, sold with the purpose of helping others to set themselves free.
An artisanal approach that awards uniqueness and that drives our creative and design principles in building our concept of wardrobe.